Matrilumina Bound + Podcast with Buffalo

Crazy! That is the only way to describe the joyous chaos that has been this week. Last weekend was a big adventure in the wild woods with Michelle Madden Smith of Animyst and Stacy de la Rosa of Clover & Sage (and some other very helpful folk) cooking up a pot of amazeball soup…I can't wait to show and tell, but for now I can only tease.

image by Stacy de la Rosa

In quite the opposite climate, Christine, Melody and I are off to Matrilumina for a week of building and shining with 21 of the brightest lights in women's spiritual creativity to, well…rule the world, of course.


March SouLodge is live and up and with a free podcast, to boot. Chill out and listen to twenty minutes of pre-Spring Buffalo medicine from yours truly.

See you on the other side! 

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